Our Philosophies

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At John Hall’s Alaska, we strive to follow the same philosophies that have been important to four generations of the Hall family. Among those values, is you. Every John Hall’s Alaska guest, partner, and client becomes family when traveling with us and our hope, is that they feel like family too.

We understand the importance of the relationship you have nurtured with your clients. Our partnership with you includes ensuring your reputation in the eyes of your clients is only stronger when they return home. You have honored us with the responsibility of caring for them and upholding your reputation is as important as the program we deliver. When they return home, we want them singing your praises for their experience, and return to you again, and again.

Customer Service

It starts with personal service. From your first contact with John Hall’s Alaska to the moment your travelers arrive and after they depart, we expertly handle all aspects of the journey and are there for you every step of the way – we go the distance! So, whether the group needs are large or small, every facet is catered to the partner and group coordinator and our 40 years of experience enables us to expertly deliver on services beyond expectations.


No matter the capacity, every partner we work with has been handpicked by John Hall’s Alaska for their high level of service and the quality of their product in each place we travel. Because we live there, work there, guide there, and have been offering tours since 1983 we have developed many lasting relationships. We focus on small and locally-owned businesses to provide a more personal and authentic experience.


As a family-owned and operated business, we expect our staff to adhere to moral principles, whether engaging with guests, partners, or coworkers. It comes from within – be a good person, and do the right thing. As John Hall, Sr puts it, “Do what is right, even when no one else is watching you.”


We spend a lot of time preparing you for your travels that by the trip comes around, you already feel like family to us. Creating relationships of empathy and making the effort to understand another’s feelings and challenges allow us to better provide for your time with John Hall’s Alaska.


This is probably our strongest point and one that is adhered to at all times throughout the season. John Hall’s Alaska operates on a high standard and what we expect of ourselves, we also expect from our partners. The bottom line, know the rules, follow policy, and be accountable.


It may seem old school, but manners still matter. We expect everyone on the John Hall’s Alaska team to mind their manners and act appropriately. It’s quite simple. Treating one another respectfully, being polite and helpful, listening carefully, and knowing when to speak, go a long way to showing you value others.