Incentive Structure

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You work hard for your clients to ensure their travel plans go accordingly and we are happy to pay the commissions on our tours.

Travel Agency Commissions

Commission can be deducted from the final payment when paid by agency check or credit card. For final payments paid by guest check or credit card, agency commission will be paid within 30 days of guest departure. Commissions are paid on the net amount after applicable tour discounts have been applied. Most tour itineraries fall under the same commission structure; however, exceptions do apply.

Commission Structure

  • 7% commission on full itinerary
  • 5% commission on National Parks of Alaska tour

Incentive Programs

Our travel advisor/agency incentive program is designed to enhance our partnership with you and grow your earnings. Incentive commissions are tiered based on the total amount of traveled revenue your agency books for that given year. Incentive commissions are paid out at the end of each calendar year for traveled revenue booked that year.

The following incentive* is paid out for traveled revenue within each given year::


  • Additional 1% = $30,001 – $60,000
  • Additional 2% = $60,001 – $90,000
  • Additional 3% = $90,001 – $120,000
  • Additional 4% = $120,001 – $150,000
  • Additional 5% = $150,001 – $200,000

* Bookings made on the National Parks of Alaska itinerary are not eligible for the incentive program.