Custom Tour Charters

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So, you’re feeling creative! You have a map, you have ideas, know a few places you want to go, know your clients’ tastes, and have a budget in mind. Let us help you navigate the curves and fill in the details to create something extraordinary. When you partner with John Hall’s Alaska to offer a custom group tour, we commit to developing and delivering the same high-quality program for you as if it was our own.

Alaska is big, and it can take trains, planes, boats, and motorcoaches to get where you want to go, not to mention the accommodations, activities, meals, and so forth. We cover more of Alaska than any other operator and our over 40+ years of operations have graced us with many fabulous long-standing partners. Cultural partners, accommodation partners, partners for transportation, local dining, and behind-the-scenes activities, and the list goes on. And like a fine wine, pulling together all the pieces to reach perfection takes experience and a longstanding reputation in Alaska.

Added benefits with John Hall’s Alaska:

  • We encourage custom options that make you shine above the competition
  • Personal John Hall’s Alaska team member to work with during the tour planning process
  • Opportunity to add a range of large, small, and/or day vessels in Southeast Alaska
  • Custom-built luxury motorcoaches provide ultra-comfort for your clients
  • Knowledgeable and professional John Hall’s Alaska tour manager leading your clients (and in uniform!)
  • Sales training opportunities and if desired, a marketing piece customized for your tour
  • Years of expertise and the John Hall’s Alaska reputation with our Alaska partners
  • Quality customer service – that can’t be topped – for both you and your clients

Whether it’s your first time or your 40th, or whether you are looking to book a private Alaska tour for a family or plan a custom itinerary for a larger group (built around their special interests or a range of other possibilities), we will work directly with you to design and deliver a program based on your group’s bucket list that exceeds both your expectations and those of your clients. Throw that idea our way and let us help make it a reality!