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Gaining a client’s confidence isn’t always a given and their thanks for a wonderful experience is almost assured when you book them with John Hall’s Alaska. Especially when they thank you for the amazing trip you put together for them and they are ready to book again!

Repeat Travelers

We have no desire to be just a “first date.” Our itineraries are varied enough that one-third of our guests are repeat travelers to Alaska, with us! We hope that when your travelers return home from their first John Hall’s Alaska tour, they are ready to book their next one through you. But even if they are not quite at that point, they should be more than satisfied – giving you the assurance you need to book your other travelers on our trips.

Commissions & Incentives

All John Hall’s Alaska trips are commissionable and unlike others, we pay commission on the total price of the trip – meals, activities, everything – you are commissioned off the total retail price of the package. The commission % may not be as high as others, but the amount of commission paid per sale is. More bookings also earn you end-of-year incentives. To find out more visit our COMMISSIONS & INCENTIVES webpage.


We offer travel webinars and training – either virtually or in-person (depending on our schedule). We also make the rounds at several tradeshows. Check out our schedule to see where we are!

Custom Group Itineraries

You are welcome to sell any package in our collection, or we can create a customized itinerary with as many (or as few) bells and whistles as you like. When we create a custom itinerary that is exclusive to your group, we are happy to provide a collateral piece to help you sell it! You will have a dedicated salesperson on call to answer any questions. To get the ball rolling, contact Dee Dee O’Brien at [email protected].