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At John Hall’s Alaska, we consider sustainability efforts and practices to be a key role in not only the day-to-day functions of the business but essential to supporting local communities and helping preserve local cultures. By continuing to make conscious choices in the tourism industry, John Hall’s Alaska’s sustainability efforts will benefit communities, partners, and even visitors for many years to come.

Supporting Local Communities

Sustainability is not just environmental; it is also about sustaining economic growth in communities through local organizations and businesses. It is a priority of John Hall’s Alaska when seeking partners in Alaska to find organizations that are locally owned and operated. At the end of the day, this affects the people who live and work in these communities, and our support of these organizations and businesses affects the year-round funding to places such as schools, community programs, organizations, and other local businesses.

Helping to Preserve Cultures

From the start, providing guests with a rich, authentic cultural experience has always been a top priority. We work directly with local villages and indigenous peoples of Alaska to allow our guests to immerse themselves in the culture firsthand. We consider it a John Hall’s Alaska founding principle and one that continues to be a focus on our tours.

Environmentally Conscious Choices

By providing guests with reusable water bottles and switching to eco-friendly and recyclable paper products in the galley and restroom, we significantly reduce waste on motorcoaches. In 2021, Keurig products used on board our motorcoaches were updated to recycled paper products, and the k-cups used are now certified biodegradable. In our Minnesota and Anchorages offices, we switched to more efficient light bulbs and make sure our motorcoach tires are responsibly recycled.


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Since 2019, John Hall’s Alaska has been AGA-certified – acknowledged for our continued sustainability efforts in the Alaska tourism industry by supporting local communities, helping preserve cultures, and making environmentally conscious choices.

Adventure Green Alaska is the Alaska Travel Industry Association’s (ATIA) certification program to recognize tourism businesses operating in the state of Alaska that practice economic, environmental, social, and cultural sustainability. AGA-certified companies believe that employing and adhering to sustainability management practices benefit both visitors and hosts, and still deliver outstanding travel experiences.